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Cassie Bagent Photography Portfolios

The images in the Angel portfolio represent my initial exposure to the infrared photographs of a man whose work I really admire, Nash Lawrason. I learned about infrared film from Nash and his photographs were what inspired me in this series. Therefore, I thought it best to use infrared film for something unusual . . . and I did have these angel wings hanging around.
Coney Island
A couple of years ago while in New York, my explorations led me to a strange, wonderful, and seemingly timeless place called Coney Island. I have been visually drawn to Coney Island ever since. For the last several years I have photographed at Coney Island whenever possible.
Jelly Fish
With respect to the Jelly Fish portfolio, most of the images from this body of work represents how I was able to transform "supposedly" damaged negatives into alternative images by using bleach. I loved the final results, not knowing how the final printed image would look and not knowing whether or not this process would actually work. At times the bleach would totally eat away any potential image!
New York Nights
The images from this portfolio represent my ongoing attempts to conquer my fear of New York City with my camera. In addition, I have developed a passion for photographing at night over the years.
Pandora's Box
Do you open Pandora's Box? Do you look inside? What will you find? Some of the images that you will find here may make you laugh, they may make you wonder, they may offend you, or they may just cause you to think. You have been warned and it is hoped that you will look.
Statue of Liberty
The Statue of Liberty is one of my photographic addictions.
The images from the Vineyard portfolios are very special to me. I grew up spending my summers on the island, and I lived on that island for a bit of time after college. These images represent some of my favorite places and memories on the island.
Vineyard Fog
Fog masks the appearance of what is really there. But do we really need to see what is there anyway?


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